Learn NLP

Come to the Taste of NLP event and
Unlock the Full Power of YOUR MIND with NLP

What learning NLP can do for you

  • Clarity – to step into your power.
  • Clear Vision – seeing your future self, thriving.

  • A Toolkit for Success – reliable processes to help you and your relationships professionally and personally grow with self mastery techniques.

  • Confidence, Courage & New Beliefs – through effective NLP coaching techniques.

Learn NLP snippets at a Taste of NLP

Why learn NLP?

Have you been juggling a busy life? Are you lacking clarity of where it is you want to be, do or have in your life? Do you have challenges with relationships at work and home? Maybe you are experiencing a constant tug of war of advise, drama and interruptions of email, social media posts and would just like a break.

There is an answer…Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can make a difference – and for many people – NLP is life changing.

Maybe you’ve heard of NLP and you are curious now to find out what NLP really is?

NLP is about modeling excellence and changing minds. Many successful people use NLP – Tony Robbins is a leader in the field. Once you experience NLP you may notice it being used by many. Executives with their teams, business owners in their business and personal & professional relationships.

NLP is a exciting tool that inspires communication and provides many different techniques to increase awareness, motivation, confidence and powerful models to improve relationships at home and work.

Learn NLP at the Taste of NLP with Diane Hume

Who could benefit from using NLP?

Coaches, health enthusiasts, nurses, photographers those in between jobs, empty nesters, people with health challenges, and anyone who is wanting to re-invent themselves. Experience coaching techniques for you, your clients, your family, and friends.

Attending this amazing inspiring event is truly a rewarding experience. You’ll gain the necessary tools to utilize NLP-based strategies effectively and share your experiences through interactive discussions with others. Not only will you have an opportunity to network and build relationships, but also upgrade your frame of mind and emotional state by emulating patterns of success from those around you who have already accomplished what you are striving for. This event is an invaluable opportunity to take your relationships, projects, career, and wellbeing to the next level!

Take some clues you see in others and turn them into something authentic for you, combining techniques and testing what works best. Not only will this create positive relationships with your loved ones, it will also be an enjoyable journey as you learn new things.

Most of all remember to have an open mind and some fun along the way!

Words from Attendees

What I learned in 2 sessions at the Taste Of NLP White Rock Café…

At the first session of A Taste of NLP we did, among other things, the NLP Swish Pattern which focuses first on a state that is not resourceful in full detail, and practice replacing it with a pattern that has the qualities and representations (re presentations) of our choice. The Swish brings details of the current (often undesired) state into focus for observation, with the goal of changing those components and representations to a mental state that is congruent with our internal goals. This exercises purpose is to identify our existing internal state, then focus on the state that we desire to manifest, and then taking steps to install internal imagery that stimulate the internal state to a more desired one by switching the position of the representations within our consciousness.

At the second session of A Taste of NLP we had a demonstration and discussion of eye accessing cues and discussed other forms of sensory acuity. (Google this for a better description). After that we practiced the NLP Circle of Excellence which, as with the Swish pattern, is an exercise meant to illuminate our current state and takes steps to utilize and evoke a more desirable internal state. Again, awareness of our current mental-emotional states and bringing focus on them with the purpose of consciously deciding for ourselves what mood, feeling and mental state we will be in a today. The mental-emotional state we are in sets the parameters for the type of moment/day/week/year/life we will elicit.

There is so much more to discover.

Consistent attendee of The Taste Of NLP

Mark Johnstone, Home Inspector