Diane Hume, a Master NLP Practitioner, Relationship Expert, Trainer.

Has helped countless people overcome personal obstacles that are blocking success. Through her unique understanding of how to use the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) she can help you realize your potential and create lasting change. Whether it’s personal development, relationship connections, or professional success – Diane Hume’s methods and strategies will enable you to heal the mind and improve your success.

If You’ve been struggling in your relationships and can’t seem to be misunderstood, or sometimes invisible. You’ve tried different things, but nothing seems to work. Once you start using our tools, you’ll be able to build better, stronger relationships with the people you care about. We give you the tools you need to communicate effectively and understand each other on a deeper level.

The key to unlocking your relationships’ potential are here. With these new techniques and practices, you’ll be able to improve communication and have lasting, meaningful relationships.

Personal Story

Nurturing relationships in conjunction with health & wellness – personal and financial – is so important to me. My work is heart-based and it really all stemmed from my own family’s health issues and how they affected my outlook on everything.

My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 9, I lost my father to cancer and my grandmother to heart disease, which all really put a toll on our family. It changed everything – for my daughter, and for us, as parents too. We became over protective and fearful all the time. We didn’t realize it at the time, but we weren’t serving the situation or her well at all.

I found, however, that this challenge fueled my work. As I began to learn more about my daughter’s disease and how we could best support her, I realized that our emotions were really hindering her health and our family dynamics too.

It took time, and professional guidance around healing the mind which began to improve ALL my relationships. I began to understand the importance of understanding and how harnessing positivity is much more productive.

This specific guidance has resolved conflicts in relationships easier both professionally and personally, discovering that part of you that gives you the clarity YOU know you are called to do.

Enrich Your Relationships in Marriages and families.

Relationships in marriages and families are hard work, and sometimes it can feel like you’re going through them alone. Lately you’ve been noticing that things have started to change as they do in relationships and sometimes disappear.

It’s time to get your relationship back on track!

Diane has uncovered hidden challenges that can untangle the knots holding your relationship back. Together, or individually we will be able to create individual and joint goals moving forward.

Enrich Your Relationship coaching & training has helped countless relationships get back on track. With over 30 years of marriage, and a family we understand the struggles and what it takes to make a relationship work.

Schedule a consultation today and start creating a more meaningful relationship for yourself!

Business Relationship Confidence!

You go to networking events but you never know what to say or do. You feel like you’re not seen and that you don’t fit in.

The 21 day visibility challenge will help you attract the people you want to do business with. In just 21 days, you will learn how to confidently connect individually & with many. You’ll also learn how to create a interested first impression, seeing others with an open perspective from moment you walk into the room.

Attract more of the right people with the 21 day visibility challenge. In just 21 days, you will find it easier to start conversations and make meaningful connections. Share your travel experiences and speak to the camera. Plus, you’ll learn how to stand out and be remembered long after the event is over!

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Dream Receiver Methods & NLP

Diane’s unique training combine the best elements of NLP, Personal Development, Leadership Development and Reverse Imagineering to create a strategy though Dream Receiver Methods.

Diane has been applying NLP Master Practitioner (Coaching) (Neuro-linguistic Programming) since 2013 and has continued in upkeeping her training to serve you best. Her custom created specialty academy utilizes the best interactive skills in dealing with one another; commitments, making every relationship more meaningful than before!

Training & Coaching Leadership of Self & Others

Diane has worked with her clients to build teams and create meaningful relationships for over 20 years. Diane’s personal knowledge combined with professional experience make her an expert in this field, helping people find their voice through collaboration on projects where they feel most comfortable delivering results like never before!

Coaching & Training that specializes in getting to the heart of the matter in personal & professional relationships. Enhancing authentic human interactions and understanding is a key part of a balanced life. Diane, is a NLP Master Practitioner & various knowledge in a strategic timeline system, communication techniques, both personal & professional will assist you in creating long lasting relationships which are the key to a healthy lifestyle and is a cornerstone of what we believe, promote and teach here.

Since 2013, Diane has helped countless clients who come to her lost and sleepless with worry about their relationships. After working together, clients find themselves able to make healthier choices to believe in one another again. She has the natural ability to see how people work together in families and life long partnerships. This ability comes from her own family experiences as well as years of training and assisting her clients. Diane is working hard to make sure that you get the best service possible, she cares about your success!

Business owners require a different level of relationship support. This level is building the respect and communication required for the business to operate smoothly.

Diane’s coaching and training and working in the past for a well-known marketing & training company gives her experience and training in the area of client connections. Bringing out the best from within builds and solidifies important relationships with our clients and business associates.

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