Diane Hume, a Master NLP Practitioner

Relationships are the cornerstone of our society and based on her knowledge of the mind she has developed the Dream Receiver Methods and Formulas so that you can understand your unconscious communications and have better connections in your relationships.
Diane Hume is a NLP Practitioner (Certified Master) and Trainer.  She is also the founder of Dream Receiver Training and Coaching Academy.  As a NLP Practitioner, Diane has made Relationship Healing, the primary focus of her work.

NLP Conflict Resolution Strategies

Diane is a NLP practitioner and a conflict to resolution coach, who helps her clients that are struggling to get on the same page with their significant other. Diane has also assister her clients find peace and resolution with their children, grandchildren, and other family members. She knows that when people reconnect after arguments, disconnection, misunderstandings and distancing can be difficult for both sides to adjust and knows how wonderful it feels when you make up with someone you love!

NLP Practitioner for Marriages and Meaningful Relationships

Diane also has a unique way in reuniting couples who have been married for 30 years or in long term relationships, who were previously ready to give up on their relationship. Having been married herself for over 30 years she understands 1st hand how we can we can take ourselves out of a relationship, by discovering many hidden challenges and and untangling the knots clients like her are awakened to what is happening. Now this phenomenal team of two are on the same page, creating individual, & joint goals and are moving forward on a more meaningful relationship.

NLP For Business Relationships

Unhealthy relationships affects business, personal health and family joy. Many have said, “Had they known, what they now know they would have saved so much time, grief and money”. It is also important to many of that they also have a relationship with themselves. A relationship with self wakes up the awareness of a possible calling a desire that you wish to fill. Ignoring the calling can in the long run create blame on loved ones. Everything in balance.

Dream Receiver Methods

Diane provides programs that combine the best elements of NLP, Personal Development, Leadership Development and Reverse Imagineering to create the Dream Receiver Method.

Diane has been applying NLP Practitioner (Coaching) (Neuro-linguistic Programming) since 2013 and has created custom specialty courses. She is now able to utilize these courses as she works with individuals, teams or groups on how they can best interact with one another; making every relationship more meaningful than before!

Why Diane Realized Relationship Training & Coaching is Essential

Diane has been married for 30 years and raised 2 healthy children. She has realized, that to achieve true happiness in life, all key areas need to be aligned.

Diane has worked with clients to build teams and create meaningful relationships for over 20 years. Diane’s personal knowledge combined with professional experience make her an expert in this field, helping people find their voice through collaboration on projects where they feel most comfortable delivering results like never before!

Dream Receiver Coaches specializes in getting to the heart of the matter in personal & professional relationships. Enhancing authentic human interactions and understanding is a key part of a balanced life. Diane, is a NLP Master Practitioner training & various knowledge in timeline, communication techniques and personal & professional use will assist you in creating long lasting relationships which are the key to a healthy lifestyle and is a cornerstone of what we believe, promote and teach here.

Since 2013, Diane has helped countless clients who come to her lost and sleepless with worry about their relationships. After working together, couples find themselves able to make healthier choices to believe in each other again. She has the natural ability to see how people work together in their marriages. This ability comes from her own marriage experiences as well as years of training. Diane is working hard to make sure that you get the best service possible, she cares about your success!

Business owners require a different level of relationship support. This level is building the respect and communication required for the business to operate smoothly.

Diane has worked in the past for a well-known marketing company that gives her experience and training in the area of client connections. She knows that people (have what it takes within them and bringing out the best from within that builds more love and trust),

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